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About ANTARA Library

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Library is not only a store house of knowledge but also a centre of dissemination of the same. ‘Antara Mental Health Information Resource Center’ is a special library which was started in order to cater the academic and research needs of the doctors, social workers, nurses, other office staffs and intern students. There are so many textbooks and reference books relating to Psychiatry, Social work, Nursing, Psychology, Hospital management available in this library. The library also subscribes to a few printed journals and magazines like ‘Indian journal of Psychiatry’, ‘Social Welfare’, ‘The Indian Journal of Social Work’ etc. Some Bengali books are also available in this library.

Our library is partially automated. We have recently installed Koha software to set up an automated library system. Koha is an open-source integrated library management system software, with a MariaDB based relational database backend. Koha’s front end is accessible from any modern up-to-date browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox/ Google Chrome). Once completed, this initiative would serve as the backbone of the smart library. Our 24*7 online library system & information services are available in Web-based Online Public Access Catalogue (WebOPAC). The ultimate goal of this WebOPAC is to enable users to browse library collections through online rather than physical boundary of the institution. For visiting WebOPAC click on https://antara-opac.l2c2.co.in

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